Get a bird’s-eye perspective

Find all of the flaws in your IT infrastructure.

Vulnerabilities under control

Vulnerability management is an IT security process that aims to identify weaknesses in the IT infrastructure, classify their severity, and provide a list of corrective actions.

Stay one step ahead of potential attackers at all times

SmartScan identifies the points that are vulnerable to attacks in an ongoing process of information security. Because only those who are aware of their vulnerabilities can use security measures in a targeted and prioritized manner.

We follow a consistent and predetermined cycle. You’re always one step ahead of any potential attackers.

Vulnerability Management


An IT system with security flaws and an attacker with the necessary skills is a dangerous combination for all businesses.

Programming errors, incorrect settings, unwanted software installations, and disregard for certain information security requirements are common risk factors. We identify the risks in these and other areas and then make priority action recommendations based on them.

Weaknesses Management


SmartScan automatically scans your IT network and all connected devices for over 160,000 vulnerabilities. Every day, you will be informed of the current state of the company’s security. The vulnerability check also tells you how serious the vulnerability is. This allows you to easily prioritize the identified weaknesses and actions to be taken.

Security is a long-term strategy

Threats must also be eliminated as part of vulnerability management. As a result, technical expertise must lead to a work process that eliminates the identified flaws.

Total Transparency

The complete scanning machine and all test routines are available with the source code as open source and can therefore be fully audited
This sets us apart from the competition.
SmartCyber will also help you handle your IT squad. This enables the organization to have distinct defense, infrastructure, and development teams.

Prioritizing Measures

A vulnerability in an internet-facing web server poses a greater risk than an offline system with internal access. Test your cloud, internal infrastructure, and applications, and keep a close eye on your entire business.


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